The Void Chairs are pieces of furniture which also function as a scale model and an architectural critique. Plus, they’re suprisingly comfortable. The Void Chairs were produced as part of “They Void,” a collaboration with video artist Daniel Monroy Cuevas and writer Amanda Goldblatt for the 2021 Lit + Luz Festival in Chicago.

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This hole sits in a coveted riverfront site in Chicago. It was to become the central core of the Chicago Spire, a luxury tower designed by Santiago Calatrava. Construction of the project halted due to the 2008 financial crash. Only a void remains, monument to the scale and fragility of our real estate markets.

Pushed together, the pieces create the complete circle of the Spire void. Pulled apart, they transform into a pair of chairs — reimagining the void for a new, human-scale inhabitation.

The chair backs include a series of plywood strips, echoing the void’s raker beams.
Surfaces are rough plaster over plywood, mounted on concealed casters. The “inside” face of each chair features a raked surface, suggestive of Chicago’s wet, clay-heavy soil.

Exploded Construction Isometric / Void Chairs on stage during screening of  “They Void,” Logan Center for the Arts, Chicago, November 2021

Chair Photos by Corbin Keech
Void Photo “Lake Point Tower 61” by Jaysin Trevino Per Creative Commons License 2.0. Photo cropped and edited by Orders